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Lydiat Construction is committed to a high standard of health and safety within the company and sets out stringent Codes of Practice, best guidance and work methods to help prevent accidents and ill health.

Our Occupational Health & Safety Management System has gained ISO 45001 certification and CHAS Premium accreditation.​

Our commitment:

We will continue to:

  • Position people, environment and sustainability at the heart of what we do

  • Continue to have a recognised, influential voice in the industry and be the contractor of choice, with Zero Harm at the core of everything we do.

  • Act responsibly to protect and enhance the physical and social environment in which we operate

  • Treat health like safety

  • Tackle occupational ill health and protect our environment, and through working with others

Everyone's responsibility

We understand that safety is the responsibility of everyone. We make sure all employees, contractors and third parties are properly trained and feel confident to challenge and report unsafe practices. It is only by working together and recognising that we all have a part to play that we will really make a difference.

Safety standards

We always make sure we have the right health and safety standards and procedures in place, along with the right tools and equipment.


Authority to stop work

We all have a responsibility to speak up when we see unsafe activity and everyone has the authority to stop work until it is safe, without the risk of repercussions.


Safety leadership

Our managers and supervisors are accountable for the safety of our people and are expected to provide effective leadership in safety.

Creating healthier and safer environments

Our strategy extends beyond the delivery of our clients’ projects and programmes. We recognise that health and safety evolves through the lifecycle of a project, and as such, we assemble our highly skilled workforce to manage health and safety risk holistically.


We work with our clients and supply chain partners to develop a culture that ensures nobody gets hurt or suffers ill health at work.

We have adopted an approach where safe behaviour doesn't stop when a project ends. This enables us to offer creative healthy and safe solutions, in consideration of the whole lifecycle, whether our appointment is made in design or during operations.

Although we remain one of the leading companies in our sector, we are continuously striving to develop new, safer and healthier methods of delivery. 

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