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Lydiat Construction vision is to provide the most comprehensive and personalised services.

To be a leading Construction Company who will provide excellent services to new and current clients. 



We lead with compassion and in doing so more greatly understand the context and perspective of our aims and objectives, maximising access to affordable housing whilst developing communities across the United Kingdom.

Our mission for British construction to have a recognised, world-class, innovative approach to developing its workforce to deliver quality in the built environment. And to attract and support the development of people to construct a better Britain.


Our teams build strong relationships with clients, end users, partners and suppliers.


Our clients trust us to deliver operationally and commercially, and they value our transparent, collaborative approach.


Our solutions focused approach ensures we deliver on quality, time and price. 


Our clients tell us that the way we work is different to other contractors, enabling them to quickly resolve issues and achieve the best outcomes.


People: We are deeply about people:

Our own people, our partners and customer, and the communities to which we belong.

Place: We take seriously our responsibility to the environment. Through our actions we contribute towards creating a better place for future generation.  


We pride ourselves on integrity that preserves the morals, ethics and values to which we attain trust.

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